Question: When will the game switch from preorder to available?

Answer: Pet Domination: Kittens vs Corgis is officially launching on May 21, 2024! Any orders before then will be considered preorders and will ship when they become available. Orders after May 21, 2024 will ship as soon as possible depending on order volumes (keeping in mind that shipping is a one gal with another full-time job operation -- so please give me up to 2 weeks to ship). Once all games are sold out, games will go back to being preorders with a 5-6 month lead-time.

Question: I'm a wholesaler/retailer and want to stock Pet Domination: Kittens vs Corgis. How do I do so?

Answer: Please contact us using the Wholesalers and Retailers Contact Form under our "More" section for more information.

Question: What is your return policy?

Answer: We do not accept any returns unless you have received a defective product. If you have received a defective product, please contact us using our Contact Us page under the "More" section so we can send you a new copy of the game.

Question: Can I change my shipping address after I've placed my order?

Answer: Yes, for preorders of the game, you are still able to change your shipping address until we start shipping out the game. Customers will be notified prior to shipping. If we do not receive a response, we will assume the shipping address entered at the time of your preorder is correct. Please contact us as soon as possible using the Contact Us form under the "More" section to let us know your order number and new address if your address changes at any time after placing your preorder. If your order is not a preorder, please use the Contact Us form within 24 hours and we will attempt to change your shipping address.

Question: When will international shipping be available?

Answer: We are looking to have international shipping be available around Late 2024.